Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Ethis vs tribal criminality

Israel is a geopolitical crime-in-progress. No crime has a right to exist, no criminals in the commission of a crime have the right to self-defense. They have the right to surrender to a competent authority, have the "issue" adjudicated by a fair judicial authority, and if found guilty to be subject to a proportionate penalty, and after having served their time, permitted once again to participate in lawful society.
The greatest existential threat to Israel,... is Israel.
I'm an American and a Jew, just not a supporter Zionist or American criminality.
You, on the other hand appear to be utterly untouched by any taint of ethics outside criminal tribalism. Sad.
Small detail: the Saudi oil production facilities can be destroyed with conventional explosives. Nukes not necessary.
  • The unwisdom of underestimating Putin/Russia

    A Hasbarist commenter on attempted to "smear" someone as a  "putin supporter".  Here's my reply:

    Damn right, and proud of it. You deploy "putin supporter" thinking of it as some kind of smear. For me it is the hallmark of good sense, and a complement of the highest order.
    The old anti-Commie cold war has been over for a quarter of a century, but you can never let it go because "those who cannot be mentioned here on" cannot give up their thousand-year blood feud with the Russ.
    What is anything other than right and smart about being a Putin supporter? He's the preeminent statesman of our time. Rational, careful, focused, prudent. Trying at all times to reduce tensions and seek stability. Also a strategic thinker of the highest order. Going up against Putin militarily is going to be the biggest mistake the US, UK, France, the Saudis, and Israel ever made.
    I anticipate that Putin will deter any attack by finding a way to convince the "coalition" of the self-defeating nature of trying to turn around their Syria defeat by doubling down with a military escalation.
    While I believe the idea that Russia/Putin interfered in the 2016 Presidential election to be a total fabrication, nevertheless, if he did, and if he managed to defeat HRC and elect Trump, then I thank him for that. (Although, at this point, with war looming, it may not have worked out all that well. But that's on the Deep State and Neocon psychopaths, and the brainless left, not on Putin.)
    Just so you understand what Putin ***could*** do....
    First, he puts every last one of Russia's nuke forces on hair-trigger alert and begins reactivating all nukes currently in storage. Then he puts all Russian citizens on a nuclear war footing, in particular preparing the country's civil defense readiness.
    Then there are three deterrent steps Putin can take. In order of severity:
    (1) Obliterate or threaten to obliterate the Saudi oil production facilities. Nine billion fewer barrels of oil per day drives the price of oil to $400/barrel, plunges the Western economies into chaos and hugely benefits Russia/Iran/Venezuela.
    (2) Destroy the US satellite fleet -- not a single drop of American blood shed -- making the US military blind, deaf, and unable to communicate or coordinate.
    (3) Obliterate or threaten to obliterate Israel. Israel has a limited nuclear retaliation capability, but if the survival of Russia is at stake, then a comprehensive Russian first will reduce if not destroy that capability. Meanwhile, the US will not be willing to commit nuclear suicide by retaliating for an attack on Israel. Especially when they see the full horror and suffering as demonstrated by the destruction of Israel. (And since Israel is behind all the violence in the Mideast, and the subversion of the US govt, all those problems will be swept away in a single stroke.)
    Simply communicating this range of options to "the coalition" should be enough to dissuade them from going ahead with their war plan. If not, then option (1) should elimiate any notion of a Russian "bluff", and provide a second chance, a chance to rethink.

    • Thursday, March 29, 2018

      Trump is just the opening act

      The United States invented al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. By overthrowing Saddam, the United States enabled al-Qaeda in Iraq. The regime change attempt by CIA-supported Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria enabled the resurgence of al-Qaeda in Syria, which then morphed into ISIS. The CIA regime-change proxy war forced the re-positioning of the Syrian Army to defensible positions. That meant a withdrawal from Eastern Syria and redeployment for the defense of the Damascus population centers. That in turn created the power vacuum in Eastern Syria that enabled the creation of ISIS in Syria, the re-invasion of Iraq, and the creation of the ISIS Caliphate.

      The Neocon-subverted/Israel-subverted US remains the world's foremost "useful idiot" state sponsor of jihadi terrorism,... on behalf of Israel.

      So the entire shjtstorm in the Mideast is entirely the result of the United States Neocon-dominated, State Department-directed foreign policy, which, simply put, is the United States acting as Israel's bjtch.

      HRC under Obama "uncorked" Libya, and along with the CIA-initiated (on behalf of Israel) Syria killing fields, open the African and Syrian Arab "refugee" floodgates to Europe.

      Welcome to the world devastated by the Zionists. The United States subverted -- turned into Israel's bjtch -- by AIPAC and the neocons. With the centerpiece of United States foreign policy the Wolfowitz -- arch Neocon Zionist agent -- Doctrine: "The American jackboot must forever remain on the world's throat."

      The conquest of America by Israel is complete. The looting of America by the Neo-liberals is complete. And as for Mr. Trump, rather than Trump draining the Swamp, the Swamp appears to have drained him.

      Only two glimmers of hope remain. First, Trump still has 2 years and 9 months to go in which to turn things around, And second, the people who voted for Trump -- and Bernie -- to fix the broken US, are still out there, and still committed to the revolt against a corrupt system controlled by "the owners of this country".

      So if and when Trump turns out to be unable -- not tough enough -- to take down those who have subverted and looted the country, someone else will come along, someone who ***WILL BE*** tough enough.
      Trump is merely the opening act.

        • Israel/Mossad and 911

          The Mossad/Israelis knew all about the plot. They had a whole unit of intelligence agents -- the "Art Students" -- here monitoring the progress of the hijackers. Watching to see if the US intelligence or law enforcement was developing any awareness of the coming attack. I don't know of any action they may have taken, as they monitored the progress of the plot, to shield the hijackers from discovery or suppress any discovered elements from leading to such discovery. But they knew, and watched, and waited, and did nothing, clearly in favor of the attack succeeding, as that would serve Israeli interests.

          Israel is no "friend/ally" of the US. They are no one's "friend/ally". Quite the opposite. With their supremacist attitude -- a suicidal tribal attitude of contempt for anyone not "Israeli" -- they are everyone's adversary, having demonstrated that character for 5000 years. The tragic truth of the Israeli situation is that in the end, the real "existential threat" to Israel,.... is Israel.

          I'm an American and a Jéw.

          Monday, February 19, 2018

          It's a new, digitally-connected world.

          HRC disdained to campaign in the rust belt states that went to Trump. She called the white working class"Deplorable". She had more money than god, much of which she got from Wall Street. The Deep State, Neoliberal corporate actors, and all media save Fox, went all out to destroy Trump ..... and he still won. With all these establishment forces against him, who exactly was -- and long has been -- subverting American Democracy. Frankly, I'm thrilled at whatever help the American people may have received from any citizen anywhere in the world, to help Americans to restore in any degree some semblance of true democracy in the US. It is the "owners" of the country, the oligarchs who have so long maintained the one-dollar-one-vote tyranny-posing-as-democracy, that have robbed Americans of a just, truly democratic system of governance.
          The world is global now, thanks to the internet. Influence-by-persuasion, using internet communication tools is far superior -- vastly cheaper, more efficient, and free of the criminal violence -- of politics by jackboot. The US has long used the full spectrum of influence from propaganda to straight up military force to violate the rights of foreign citizens to be the masters in their own countries. If the world is now equipped to compete using the violence-free influence-by-information-deployment, I say "Bring it on!" And to whatever extent Putin or Russia or Facebook is responsible for initiating/enabling/promoting this new non-violent, information-based mechanism for rivalry between sovereign powers, I say "Thank you Mr. Putin, and thank you Mr. Zuckerberg." It's a major improvement in human affairs when rivalry by words replaces rivalry by death machines.

            Tuesday, November 7, 2017

            The prodigal son returns

            Good morning boys and girls.

            I got my first computer back in October of 1997.  I signed up for free internet with NetZero, loaded up Netscape Navigator, and through a sequence of events, now lost to the mists of memory, stumbled upon the exi list,...  and found a home in the transhumanist tribe.  I had a wonderful time with youse guys. For 16 years I came to the clubhouse every day until, in June of 2013, I bid you farewell and ventured out into the world to seek my fortune. 

            "And what have you seen, my blue eyed boy?"

            Now, I return with tales to tell of the wonders I have seen and the adventures I have had,... and am having.

            So settle in, and be amazed.

            I was once a man of modest means, wont to describe myself as "independently austere".  A late-night denizen of the undergraduate library at UC Berkeley -- it's open till 3 in the morning!  A person of no importance.  A wise ass underachiever, lazy, opinionated, self-indulgent and self-absorbed.

            But lucky.   Yes, the secret to my success is my unstinting and undeserved good luck.   Many are those who lament their all-too-frequent encounters with misfortune.  "Life is so unfair!", they wail.  While you never hear those who roll the dice and win, to declare -- or even notice -- the "unfairness" of it, the unfairness of Good Fortune.   Yet that is the essence of my story.   The God of Wise-asses has made a project of me. Or, as Mark Twain has noted, "Those who are born to hang are safe in the water."

             So here's the deal:

             In 2014, my wife Gail is sitting at her computer... the years of hanging out with a techno-weenie transhumanist had had its effect ... and she says to me," This Bitcoin thing,... It looks like the wave of the future, let's invest some of the money in that."   (We had just sold our house in Canada and had a couple a hundred grand hanging around, looking for a home.) Barely acknowledging her comment, online and engrossed as usual, not even looking up, I waved my hand and said, "Go for it."

            Bitcoin had just crashed, ,,, er, "corrected"... from its first peak of speculative frenzy that took it to a thousand, down to 200.  We bought 80,000 dollars worth in tranches at 300, 400, and 600 dollars per.  A year or so later we sold a piece of property in Half Moon Bay for 100k, just as Ethereum was emerging.  Caught up now in the cryptocurrency frenzy, Gail said, "Let's buy some Ethereum."  We put 50k into Ethereum at $12.  Gail might very well be some sort of savant.  Me, I'm just lucky.

            And so, I began a new life.

            I saw the ICO phenomena emerging from the Ethereum blockchain, and I saw an opportunity.   Gail became a voracious consumer of cryptocurrency information and my in-house research department.  We became a team.  I had transhumanist projects to fund, and so I went out into the world looking for someone to show me how to Stage my ICO's.

            I found a fellow in Pleasanton, 20 years experience in failed software startups, SLAC veteran, robot hobbyist, my kind of guy.  He too had recognized the opportunity, and was looking for a funding partner.  It was a perfect match. We put our heads together, and came up with a plan to stage an ICO to fund a cryptocurrency Investment bank, Pathfinder Equity Systems.  I'm the eccentric rich guy who writes the checks, he's the experienced and grounded business guy who does the work.  "A drunkard's dream if I ever did see one."  We launch in eight days or so.

            In our first stage, we'll be processing ICO's for small and medium-sized tech firms in Venture Capital portfolios.  Currently, the value in these companies, and the VC's investments, are "trapped", unable to take the final  leap to enhanced value by going public with a conventional ***IPO*** (not ICO).  That's where the cryptocurrecy-based ICO process comes into play, offering an alternative route to public trading, liberated liquidity, enhanced company value, and investment recovery-slash-profit extraction for the VCs.

            Here's our website:


            And here's a link to a sponsored article in VentureBeat, for a more detailed idea of what we're up to.


            It gets better, way better.

            Tomorrow: the Pathfinder Moonshot.  This is the good stuff.  You're gonna love it.

            Best, Jeff Davis

                 "Everything's hard till you know how to do it."
                                                       Ray Charles

            Thursday, August 10, 2017

            MAGA time

            Looking back on the economic and military catastrophe of the last 30 years, when the government was in the hands of the putatively "stable and balanced", I would ask: What is stable and balanced, who is stable and balanced, and just what strategy -- mass murder across the face of the planet as a means, a failed means, of "rescuing" people and installing the godhead of democracy,... vs something... (anything)... else -- will give human beings on this planet safety and prosperity? What is this "Presidential temperament" that we hear so much about, that serves as a measure of the qualification for that office? A willingness to calmly commit mass murder beyond our shores? A willingness to convert our own citizens into cattle for the benefit of the wealthy of the world? Is that it? Could this possibly be an error? Could this possibly be the reason our country has been reduced to chaotic bitterness, a looted despotic shell?
            Could it be that what humanity needs now -- what America needs now -- is a loud-mouthed, bullying a-hole who can slap the shjt out of the murdering, thieving, lying criminals who have been screwing the entire world since the end of WW2?
            I vote yes. I voted yes. I voted Trump. Maybe he will succeed in his effort to "Drain the Swamp" and "Make America Great Again". Maybe he will fail. Whatever. But the second American Revolution has begun. The American people have their eyes open now. They've had enough, and have declared war on the rigged system. Bernie took it to the enemy, giving his almost-all before falling in defeat. Then Trump, leveraging the smug complacency and corrupt over-confidence of his adversaries swept them away... in his, the first battle, of the Trumpian revolution.
            Now we wait to see how the fortunes of war will play out. But the game is on. Battle is joined,... at last.
            Manhood is back. The pussification of America is over. MAGA, motherf***er.